Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Please Help with Samurai Shodown V MVS Cart

Howdy Folks, this is not going to be much of a posting.   I am looking for help with this video game cartridge.  This is a Neo Geo MVS cart I received when I bought my MVS cabinet many years ago.  It says Samurai Shodown V and then the following weird characters.  I don't know if they are Japanese or Korean or supposed to be funny little monster faces.

Funny anecdote is this cartridge was not even supposed to be in the machine.  I bought the game as a two slot MVS with only one cart.  But when i got it home I found this cartridge at the bottom of the the cabinet.

I have since grabbed a multi cart along with a few other games I like.  Cyber UP (lip lol) , Magician Lord, Super Spy and crossed swords.  I am not much of a fighter game player. Someone always came along to kick my ass when i tried to solo play so I could learn.

Ok well i opened this thing up and have a few more pictures.  So Here is the full cart so you can see it.  I don't see a serial number is that bad.

 Back of the first printed circuit board.
 Back of the second.
 Front of the second.
Front of the first.  i am not sure but the printed board itself looks like of the pirated roms.  Not sure what this thing is though.

Well as a final update the good folks at the neo geo forum indicate its a bootleg copy.  Good to get some closure on it.  I was considering selling it, and I really don't want to pass off something as real when its not.  I guess someone who visits my garage can have some fun with it maybe.

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