Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Skill UP! Roleplaying

I have been checking out the numerous monthly crate projects folks are advertising. I really like them but what I would love to see is a crate that is sent to me with a new Hobby or Skill to try out each month.  I actually passed this along to the folks at Loot Crate.  I doubt they will do anything with it so I figured I would create a DIY version.

This first month I will start with something near and dear to my heart; Roleplaying!  I am going to give you a list of the basics you are going to need to get started.  I have looked for cheaper or entry level products.  This gives you the basics without too much of cash outlay.  All the products to follow are new and can be purchases through their producer or

DICE: Dice are a mandatory component of role playing game.  Even if you are playing a dice less game you need to own dice to be in the milieu of role playing.

GAME:  You are going to need a game to actually play.  So why am I putting forth Splicers as that game?  Cost is the first reason.  A complete game in a single book for under 25$ is a great deal in this day and age.  Also I have always thought the palladium system was a great starting point for the new gamer.  All of the rules are easy to apply and adjudicate.  Percentage chance rolls for skills is something everyone can wrap their head around.  The combat system is simple but plays big and over the top.  This is a great choice for teenagers as it offers a Mondo experience they often enjoy.  Finally the rules are very reflective of the role playing experience as a whole.

GRAPH PAPER: We really don't use this much anymore.  You can download full adventures and information from a ton of websites.  But it's still very much in our blood.  You are going to need to draw up at least one dungeon or villain infested warehouse district.   I don't think you can call yourself a game master if you haven't.  I really don't want to know in all truth!

DORKNESS RISING:  This is not something I have seen but it is said to include some spot on depictions of gamers.  I personally find the gaming scene in Freaks and Geeks a bit to close for comfort.  I don't know how much self loathing I want to conjure up.

The last few odds and ends you are probably going to find around your house.  Pencils for writing this all up.  Pencil Sharpeners for the game session.  Erasers for mistakes and hit points.  I think that will total up to somewhere around 55$ bucks which is a fair new hobby.  You only really need the Game and dice so that is around 30$ which is very fair.  You can not get a good set of darts for that.

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