Monday, July 06, 2015

The Rose

Last night's true detective was weird, real weird.  first off they failed to execute Colin Farrel, missed opportunity.  I like the thing they are setting up where the actors represent three state organizations trying to stick it to the others, but any Colin Farrel death is a good thing. 

The dream sequence that came out was wacky.  I though OK Elvis but the blue suit was clearly wrong.  The voice was also country and too me back to forced drives in rural California with my parents.  The car would be a Pontiac Bonneville and I would be the dead man Casper.  I am not sure but i think they lip synced over Conway Twitty.  I tracked that info down I couldn't pull that it was Conway off my head but it quickly registered that it was a traditional country star.  I just couldn't place whom it was, I guess i have never been that far before , bum bum bum bum.  I checked and Jake La Botz is actually playing Conway per the imdb credits.  weird man weird.

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