Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Happy Phantom

I think its time for a bit of a fall cleaning on the olde site. I am going to take some time to look over whats all here and see if any of it doesnt suck. Maybe try to work on the stuff that is blatantly unfinished. Keep your eyes open for more. Not you scrapping mortgage sellers I advise you to go rent a gun and off yourself as a positive eugenic step for the nation. I dont know why someone would comment om my poetry suggesting I get a better loan, WTF does my lack of self esteem translate so directly into a poor credit score?

I bet your thinking "Fall Cleaning" sounds goofy aren't you. If I were an academic i would feel it was the beginning of the year. I guess its part of the pretending. I heard someone talking about foothill college and I had a little pang of longing. Why i would go to a community college after getting an AA I am still having a hard time understanding. But I have a certain gift for wasting time in things that feel semi fruitful. All that adds up to a perception of new beginnings when the sun is wisping through the window low in the afternoon.


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