Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Obscured By Clouds

Hush down the rain and let silence set awhile in the wake of wine and tastes delicate and refined. It's only sunset with haze burning opaque in moments nagging of ungainly time. Whispers off the stereo chalk away imploring tones of stay , soon it's absolutely curtains threading the needle round. Your listening intent from the far side of the couch, legs tucked up between us, as im drawing augury from your mouth.

I am not sure what i am going for here. It seems like a moment that at exists after a moment of intimacy going rather wrong. Be it being ashamed for doing something to someone they really didn't want or relationship that is wrong. It feels like im heading somewhere i don't personally know so I am trying to figure out my reference to the situation but don't know where to go now.

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