Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A little Oblivion

The driving is going no where lately, ending up at Krispy Kreme or 7/11 for donut gems. Its like I have been everywhere and there is nothing left to see. And when I am out I feel like there is something else waiting back home, something much more important for becoming who i want to be. Its sort of hard going through the motions and not finding the comfort I need in things, Like drinking and not getting drunk or something. And people are gone so its running up against solitude, which i dont really want these days.

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Dulake said...

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at stupid people who reposnd to your blog with these ridiculous attempts to get you to their website/service. They're like fuckin' desperate monkeys hitting each off with sticks to be the first at the water hole.

And, it is that laugh that gets you through the day. Watching the fools be fools, and idiots climb all over each other for $$