Monday, September 20, 2010

Crescentstar Progressive Rock Score Card 5

Wrapped up in Powdered Wool is a line from a Genesis song called Cuckoo Cocoon. This is from The Lamb Lies down on Broadway. Fantastic record The song was definitely working on my introversion at the time. Feeling alone and the world was against me. I was looking for some escape.

One of my turns this is the title of a Pink Floyd song from The Wall. Again i was definitely talking about having some dark thoughts and my outbursts at the time.

Never Let Go is the title of a Camel song. I think this comes from their self titled record in 1973. I don't know if the song really related to my writing at the time so much as I was listening to it a bunch at that time.

Viscous Battle Raps is a bit of fun really. Not anything that was touching my writing just a fun song and video. The song is from DJ Format's music for the mature B-Boy. I don't even know what a bboy is.

Build a little Birdhouse in your soul is They might be giants. I think there is something of the song buried in the piece but I don't know if i am against it or not. I like the band i think they are fun. I think that song comes off their Flood record

Wither the song i was referring to is from Dream Theater's black clouds and silver linings album. I am getting more at the talking to people thing here trying to let it out, in my writing.

I'd rather trust a country man than a town man, again we have a fragment of a genesis song off The Lamb Lies Down on Broad Way. The song is The Chamber of 32 Doors. I was listening to the song more than making it a big part of the meaning of my post here.

Jump well that's Van Halen from 1984 you know that. I was probably thinking of jumping of something high and just saying it. You have heard that song a 1000 times so I won't post a link. I actually like Van Hagar better anyway. Sorry i guess that make me a bad person.

Suedehead well that is Morrissey from Viva Hate. I guess i am getting at isolation of not being understood there. I find Morrissey pretty funny actually the Smith's too. I think of it as witty but I think there are people who may want to have heart break in their life to be more like the mans songs, wow that is so much effort.

Do you like American Music is of course from the Violent Femmes. I think the record is Why do birds sing, at least that is what wiki says. I only know it from the radio. Its a fun song and I sing along in the car, even though i am not the sort of person who does that normally.

Even Spaces is something that I have been listening to from Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. I wish i knew the record it is from. It almost sounds like something missing from my brain, and I am confused why those two guys have it.

Teen aged Spaceship is from a guy named Smog. Wiki says the record is called Knock Knock. I like the tones of the song and the harmonics more than the lyrics. Under the simple it has a depth that really shines.

Getting to hope you like me, well i was just being goofy hear i think this is a kids song or something i really know nothing about it.

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