Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting to hope you like me

I know this sort of forum is generally shouting into the sea. I have been thinking about facebook and the factors of many people using it. And I feel that there is an underlying narcissism that is driving social media. That is why I have tried to remain invisible behind the words. But many bloggers I have talked to have stressed putting something on the line. To develop a connection beyond the passing.

If you are music minded you will notice the titles of my bits are mainly songs or fragments of songs. They are usually less related to the material than they are things I have been listening to around the writing process. Because of this there is usually some sort of link in tone, as I have a difficult time listening to music that doesn't fit my mood.

A bunch of this crap is heavy metal or progressive rock. Sort of my go to listening choices. Post Rock has also been a much of what I listen to these days. I find it dark enough to fall behind my feelings. Well except for that Sigur Ros stuff that sounds likes like a music box and it's too full of tintinnabulation for me. Then you have goofy songs that appeal to me for no real reason than they do. I know Smog doesn't really work out on an Iron Maiden mix tape.

I will do another score card post and list where the music is coming from, so you have an idea of where I am at these days.

When I am not working or with my wife and daughter, I am screwing off on video games. If I could somehow get to all the stuff I dream up and stop just playing video games I would almost be an interesting person. If you want to stop on buy the DDO Khyber server and want to say hi, I am Svegrund. My garage if full of games I mainly collect and seldom play, I don't like that I want to play or should get rid of them.

Well I think that's it for now. Hey if you want to connect blogs let me know. I am going to try to figure out how I can link with my friends war gaming blog.

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