Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cuts like a Knife

I am trying to be more active these days. Reviving the Blog from its torpor, but getting physically active as well. I think I come alive in the fall a bit. I don't know if its the association with the new starts of school or the weather just fitting my mood. But I am trying to be a marginally better self than I have been.

I hit the weights last night. Just starting really but its something. One thing that bugs me is I don't really know what to do. I started working out at the gym years ago. My friend sort of set up a routing there that took advantage of the machines around. Since I am doing free weights at home now, I am a little lost. I mixed up arms and chest last night, but I really want to have arms, chest and back nights. I have to get cardio in there too, which I hate.

For the writing I am taking a pretty light approach but I am trying to make sure I keep at it. Blogs live or die by post frequency. I just want to make sure I am producing enough actual writing as opposed to this.

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