Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Here is her cup, filled with its poisons

starry nights turn upon us, wheeling ever upon days we may have forgot if not for times we must regain their parting. Burning upon a pyre, Aloysius cast his days and watched her born from amongst smoke. Yielding up her poisons and pestilence, but he content not to drink.

Aloysius had seen her long before. Haddabaugh kept her for a time. Anglac travelled with him to Haddabaugh's manor, walking many miles and waiting hours more. When finally their hosts auto arrived they found themselves unwanted. As new lords held Haddabaugh's interest, one this regal and septic queen. Months Anglac and Aloysius awaited their friend, mourning the old haunts and unearthing new. Her poisons worked she withdrew to take other of our friends.

Aloysius waited and watched for the fire would birth Wrath as Pestilence dissolved with the smoke.

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