Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Crescent Star Progressive Rock score card 7

"I am Superman" is a song by R.E.M. of one of their sucky ass records. I really don't care. They suck and have sucked. Will suck, shall suck. I was righting about comic book shops and wanted a title or some with super heroes. I should have used Bowie or Sabbath. I am truly sorry.

"I've read all the books about being ill" is a line from Bruce Dickinson's "no way out" I think this is from Balls to Picasso. I was just looking for something related to illness.

"I talk to the wind" Is by King Krimson. I heard the song and these are some of the thoughts that it conjured up. here is a link

"Private Eyes" yeah hall and oats its dumb. I was just talking about my Role playing game so nothing inspired.

"When Lights go down" is a line from Europes Carrie which is off The Final Countdown. I was writing about my daughter Keri so used it.

"Winters Call" well that's by Badlands off first record called Badlands oddly enough. I think I caught that on the radio ,or something, before writing.

"Got me running" is by Def Leppard's high and dry. I had been listening to that song a bunch at the time and just worked it in.

"My Blue Heaven" i have no idea, my Granma sang it to me as a very young child. I was thinking of my little family on a drive which makes me very happy and is my idea of heaven on earth.

"Midnight Rider" is by the Allman brothers. Its odd i really like on version and dislike the other. I like the one that uses the single repeated riff over and over again. I think there is a musical term for that. I am writing about my thoughts on that line of the song i mention.

"The Ballad of Jane" is by La guns maybe. I know it was on the radio which is weird, they don't often play that stuff. I think it was something about the loss they guy is singing about that sparked me. But whatever something came out I'm happy about that.

"Sheer Heart Attack" is actually just a record from Queen. I was feeling like i was about to have one that day.

"Soothsayer" Is a song from Buckethead's 18Th , yeah eighteenth record, Crime Slunk Scene. I really love and respect his work and he is a freaking weirdo. Here is a link

"Here is her cup, filled with its poisons" this is part of the spoken bit of Bruce Dickinson's Jerusalem. This is from The Chemical Wedding. One of the best recorded works out there. It may be my favorite metal record of all. I would have to think about it.

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