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Hicks Road

Ah the Satan worshiping albinos of San Jose, California's hicks road a subject near and dear to my heart. I first came upon the subject Not with regard to Hicks road but March road in Milpitas. Someone told me a story with a house of Satanic Albinos living on the road and stated by writing a name on the bridge just before the house would end in that persons death. Which is a decent urban legend if not for the fact that they are combining something from the House of Seven Gates and retconning it to the location of the Rivers Edge murder.

Years later going to Piedmont Hills, there was talk of enclaves of Albinos in the nearby Alum Rock park. I was pretty unaware of genetics and how a lack of pigment was spread as a kid but damn Albinos are fucking everywhere. Did they move south? I don't really know if they did much other than listen to Edgar Winter and drink milk.

Finally when hooking up with a group of friends from the south side I heard of the Hicks Satan worshiping clan of Albinism. All my friends knew about them and knew hicks. So much like finding someone who has never heard of Iron Maiden they forced me in the car direct bathed me in the community experience. This will focus on Hicks, the surrounding area and Some topics that have come up on message boards that I wanted to talk about

OK Hicks road is in San Jose, CA in the far southern portion of the city. The road can be reached from Camden near 85; running over the hills a connecting with Alamitos road. The road climbs over the slopes of Mount Umanhum and Bald Mountain and skirts the boarder of Almaden Quicksilver Park. Taking this road you will pass by Almaden Reservoir, Guadalupe Reservoir and the town of New Alameda. A top Mount Umanhum is the remains of the Almaden Air Force Station. A gated road called mount Umanhum will take you close and allow you to park but does not allow for access by car. Reynolds is the other road connected to Hicks but does take you anywhere of interest.

In getting into the weirdness supposed to happen at Hicks. So Albino's and Satan worship would naturally coming in now i guess. I have never seen one on hick. I dint know about the religious beliefs of the regularly pigmented people I have seen. There has been some weird occurrences in the area. Mount Umanhum road is a publicly maintained road, but at one point someone painted private road at its entrance. Most people think it was one of the residence who live past the gate, just not wanting kids like me driving around. There have also been stories of various altercations with residents. Some speaking of residents barring guns and such. If you do walk past the gate, which is perfectly legal, you are going to eventually be confronted with a sign that says patrolled by armed guard. This is very old and was true only when the Air Station was open. Now a ranger does patrol the sometimes, but not often. You can find plenty of videos on youtube where people have broken into the complex of the former air station. There is even a site for the former airmen who lived and worked there. They all seem to be normal god fearing people.

Locally the town of New Almaden has a couple of points of interest that may factor into the story. The town has a drive thru cemetery; really its split by the road. Freaking weird! A walking bridge dips under the road into town from the Alamitos side. Many local stories have spoken of Satanic graffiti under this, calling it bridge under bridge. Back in the 60's or 70's there was a gravity hill somewhere out in the area but I have no idea of its location now. Since that is an optical illusion, landscaping could have completely destroyed the effect. Finally there is the small Twin Creeks cabins on the site of a one time resort. Driving in the twin creeks area people will look at you wondering what you are doing. It's a dead end that mose people don't even know exists.

I have no idea how this wraps into a story about albinos and Satan. To be honest I have a theory that its all a huge mistake. I think this whole Satan worshiping albinos may be a huge mistake for the Albigensian crusade of the Cathars. Perhaps spread from Europe to the united states and finally morphed into the many hundred of local albino tall tales we have today. Perhaps it was handy to keep kids away from the far off lonely places of the nearby woods. But really that will just draw some like moths to a flame. If you can elaborate please comment and I will try to follow up.

I am also going to try to address some of the misconceptions people have thrown out on message boards and other sites. Such as Sveadal, UTC, the Holy City and what not.

Sveadal is a community for Sweds some miles south of New Almaden. They are pale and untrustworthy but not quite albinos. Just look at Ikea and you can see they are a bunch of crooks. The community is just before the entrance of the Uvas Canyon park. It is some sort of patriotic league owned property I have no about it. Being Danish myself I sort of say away.

United Technologies Cooperation is located on Metcalf road in San Jose. It is some sort of scientific research facility. I remember in the late 80's they test fired a shuttle booster rocket there. I have also driven by to see guards armed with M16's, again no idea. Driving in the area as a kid I have been chased by some sort of phantom truck. I have been flying down the road and this guy kept up with everything i did. And I knew this road well.

The Holy City was up in the santa cruz mountains by redwood estates and chimicita park. Apparently some religious charlatan set himself as a king ala Jim Jones. I think this was in the 40's there was even a zoo. My cousin claims there was some sort of Satanic worship there and said his friends found a sword there. but I really think he was pulling my chain.

Well I will have to look for more info on the boards, to see if i missed anything. Oh there was a movie about Hicks, I should see it!

Here are a couple of further posts Post 2 with lost of photos and  Post 3 dealing with UTC and Metcalf road. 

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i have seen some strange occurences on hicks rd. every now and again i see a man walking down the road far from civilization,past the guadalupe resovoir' however he is far from albino, he looks hispanic or maybe even a modern day ohlone indian but i have never mustered up the balls to talk to him. i have also seen very pale figures walking down the middle of hicks road that duck into the bushes once your headlights hit you pass where they ducked into the bushes they could be very plainly be seen standing' in what little cover they chose to jump into watching almost staring at the car as we drove past, and last but not least the cabins of twin creeks. i have been to (more honestly i joyrided through) the town of twin creeks. i havent seen much there, i honestly never saw much activity in the cabins or around the area, but you can tell people keep the area well maintained dude to the fact its not overgrown or falling to pieces. however i have seen 1 person there of my times joyriding there, he looked like your steryotypical boonie back country mountain man with a tucked in green flannel, blue jeans, red suspenders, and a red beanie. his skin didnt look particulary white, but i wasnt trying to stick around and stare at him seeing how he had a handgun(with the trigger guard sawed off0 and a shotgun). so yea some crazy stuff happens up hicks rd and particular twin creeks. but to be honest every tree and almost everywhere you look there are no trespassing signs and signs telling you to turn around. if you manage to get past the twin creeks general store and blatenly ignore all the signs and get far enough into town where i seen the man with the guns, your on your own, not even the sheriff would come to help you, and to a certain degree, you honestly deserve whatever happens to you in that little sketchy corner of the santa cruz mountains.

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i have fished the lake since early 90's on regular basis. Ive seen the Hispanic guy you speak of numerous times walking hicks. Not sure if he resides at horse stable just before lake or wilderness guy. I seen him get on the bus on blossom hill. Long walk guy just seems wat out of place. Then there's the one property along road. With another seemingly abandoned hoit next to it. Odd thing is the windows have always been broke any not fixed. I believe property has been for sale for many years. Ive assumed thats haunted. Probably tough to sell a haunted house. I want to say around 2005 2006 few my buddies fishing lake said a bunch of black unmarked helicopters were chasing a object they claimed. None of them will go into detail about experience but something crazy went down out there. Ive also noticed im assuming locals hanging out watching on top of the rock where there road side parking. Kinda creepy most people dint look up but theres someone up there looking over lake more times than not. Cant say ive experienced any thing crazy other than a suv full of high school girls approach me 130 am while i was call it quits fishing that night and ask me about the insane asylum. Wanting me to lead them to it......unreal.

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As a little bit of a follow up, I have moved out of the area. If you have any news let me know. I do get back "home" from time to time. I can take some pictures or video next time i am in the 408.