Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recovering the Satellites

Recovering the satellites shows a more mature whining rasp over The counting Crows freshman work.  It is very similar in tone and approach but the songs come from a different angle.  Here the works are not flowing from a desiring need but rather the outcome of attainment. 

Long December is probably the best example of what I am getting at, the song is almost a sequel to the August and Everything after record.  It still folk and country rock infused but seems to have gone to a different place.  August and everything after almost has a sunset feel with anticipation and excitement.  Satellites is almost a depiction of the night at the carnival.

Previous works seemed to take on a Smiths like wonder in the youthful now.  Here is a future that sees outcomes and longs to get back to itself.  Another horsedreamer is perhaps the strongest track and the most delving into the success.  This doesn't really have any dead songs even mercury and walkaways are great.  Some of the later tracks on august have left me flat.

Millers Angels and Children in Bloom get to the sadness of Anna Begins and Perfect blue buildings.  There are actually some up beat rocky tracks too that the Crows set list needed .

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