Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Star Wars the old republic review

So Star Wars The old Republic, its an OK game.  I think I have said it feels like a wow clone.  The abilities and combat are basically that sort of click click click bullshit.  To be more direct it sucks compared to my D&D online game.  The missions are lame too.  I am not speaking as a grouper I am soloing the game and don't really care to group up.

Not that I see many people in the higher level zone.  Six people on voss seems to be an average.  I think that includes empire players which I can't really group with.  Though I wish I could I would like to trade for some dark side force crystals they are in short supply for me.

The quests are great for a solo/casual player they are very easy to follow and give you clearly marked entries on your map what you are doing.  It is very easy to go and do them.  The quest themselves are easy enough too, I am almost surprised when I have trouble.  This has happened on my class quests when dealing with a boss fight twice.  I have just continued on leveling and went back.  Once you return to your class quest you advance to the planet you have already mapped out and it is very easy.

Some stupid stuff about the game that I don't like.  I hate hoth and tatooine fast travel being on speeder bikes.  I want to be on the iconic vehicles of the movies. The Tantan or the the land speeder.  I also hate not being able to name my ship The Spatula. Why can't i name it and put a cheesy pin up girl riding a flying spatula as the logo.

I also am not thrilled with the process of gaining favor with my companions. I made a lot of mistakes early on and had to us items at great cost.  Now I have to use to guide me through conversations to get the most Qyzen favor I can.  Its slow flipping between game and browser and it sort of sucks.  But I am trying to finish his quest chain.

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