Thursday, February 09, 2012

Worlds Apart

Someone in my car asked if this "was the music they play in the background of 80's movies?"  This being Saga's Worlds Apart.  I like it it sounds like prog Lover Boy to my ears.  I wouldn't mind listening to some of there newer works.  I think the songs people know from this record are On the Loose and Wind him up.  If you like those you are going to like the rest of the record it is pretty much in that vein. 

The record isn't the deepest work but what do you expect.  This is early 80's pop prog much like the work that came from Yes and Asia.  Its catchy and keyboardy and a little bit cheesy.  I can forgive it those things.  The 80's were a bombastically hairsprayed time.  The prog bands were the masters of the synth before there was synth pop.  Also they were making a come back after punk main them utterly disdained by all but the geeky of us. 

The guitar is very quick with a lot of Keyboard doubling.  This is something that is not at all metal.  The tones are all very happy and vibrant.  It sort of feels of its age, which is dating, but also comforting.  There was something of the time that seems unconcerned and hopeful of whats ahead.  That is what these record feels for me.

Here is a link for someone who apparently loves Saga and has been through all their records Banophernalia

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