Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm attacking the darkness

So here in the south bay we don't really have that large of a gaming community to support several stores of quality. We have had several great stores rise and fall. I loved GameScape and Griffin computer and A Wrinkle in time;a nerd lifestyle store. I think PDF's are going to be the route to go soon, which is why i got the Nook. But here are some thoughts on the stores I like.

GameKastle is probably the best store we have had in years. It has grown out of a poorly located hole in the wall. I wish they would carry used product but that is a hard market. They do flea markets every so often which is nice. Their gaming space is big, but occasionally the players are ripe and this can spread through the store. The place is big and you can find things. Expect all the newest gaming stuff to be up and on the shelves. They even do gaming programs for the PC.

Gator Games is a bit of a drive but is often worth it. They just have a weird selection and often you will find rare gems. Also they do used games. They have problems with space though the store is just too small and desperately needs to be reorganized. Its hard to get around and things seem to have been piled up years ago.

Legends of comics and Fantasy in Valco opened a new gaming store some time ago, it wasn't well stocked but it looked like it had potential to be come something. I haven't been back but I think they probably have done something more and are worth a look

Games Workshop Oakridge, well this isn't my sort of thing I think its going to have everything you can dream of for warhammer and 40K so if you are into that probably you should make a point to visit.

D&J Hobby is a shadow of its former self and just makes me sad, they have to give me good reason to go back and they haven't.

Space Cat is a wacko comic shop on bascom. I have no idea if they have games, they seem to have all sorts of crazy stuff. What they have are Video games. Carts for all sorts of systems and systems too. Its sort of a mess in there so wander around stuff is everywhere.

4Jays wow what a store. Its video game heaven only and hour drive from San Jose in Concord. If you love games you need to go its like a pilgrimage. Its so great you will just be happy.

Endgame and games of Berkeley are up there somewhere i hear good stuff but have never been.

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