Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pathfinder Cleric I am playing Lately

Just throwing this up so I don't have to worry about missing my sheet at the next game. You are welcome to comment on what I am doing wrong. I am mainly a pathfinder healer cleric with a little flair to make it interesting

Twaller Milius
True Neutral human Cleric 3 of Sarena

STR 10 0
DEX 10 0
CON 12 +1
INT 8 -1
WIS 18 +4
CHA 16 +3

HP 28
AC 21
Fort Save +4
Ref Save +1
Will Save +7

B.A.B. +2

Weapon Focus Ray
Selective Channel

Diplomacy +3stat, +3ranks, +3Class=+9
Knowledge religion -1stat, +3ranks, +3class=+7

Domains Fire and Healing

Spells Cantrips
Purify food, Resistance, stabilize, detect magic
Spells 1st
Burning hands, bless, divine favor, command
Spells 2nd
Project Flame, Bulls strength, Resist energy

Full Plate, +1 shield, Masterwork Scimitar, Heavy Mace, Backpack, bed roll, tinder and steel. hooded lantern , oil, Gp 180

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