Monday, June 20, 2011

Touch and Go

Well i got a nook color, with the intention of using it for gaming. I have loaded up several PDF's onto the base OS and downloaded the PDF program. I was quickly pissed off viewing PDF files with the normal viewer and figured this viewer had to be better, it is. I am trying to throw some MP3 files and maybe a movie just to try things out.

I am not sure what to do about the hacking of the OS. If having the OS on a microSD card is as easy as pulling it in and out then great. I will have my Nook then throw in the microSD for my dice roller. But if it take more than a few moments forget it. I could do with just a dice roller and ill be at 85% what i want. I probably don't even need that; not rolling your own dice is for sucks.

I will probably get this set up just to have the experience. So i can be more of a nerd. It's not enough to load The skyrealms of Jorune on your Nook.

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