Monday, June 13, 2011

To tame a land

Taking a look at Game of Thrones. I really don't know how I feel about the show after last night. I think they really short changed the viewer not showing the battle sequences from either the battle with Tywin or the capture of Jamie. I think they could have had two extra episodes if they would have extended the fights here and battles in previous episodes. I really just felt cheap.

Saying that I have not read the books and am just a viewer. The books may also gloss over these scenes. But I just it's not very metal. You need a release after a build, Mr. Martin please see Saturday Night (high and dry) by Def Leppard. There has been enough blood in the series already that I didn't expect you to shy away from a great battle sequence. Sure it may increase production costs but its what we were waiting for.

I dare say you may just loose viewers if you continue these sort of lack of content into session two. I really have no idea why you are waiting a year for the next series. Ten episodes is a British series plus. I guess I am not used to HBO series, I only got the channel to watch your show. Thankfully I am not paying for it as of yet.

In closing give me more and go bloody. the show has all the sex it needs now deliver on the violence. Do let this turn out like the Dune mini series from SciFi

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