Thursday, August 01, 2013

I shall be the king of all soda

There are many skills I would love to have improved or mastered.  Shooting and fencing sure!  Changing a guitar string, yep.  Being able to empathize with human, i guess.  But most pale in comparison to Soda Jerking. What a delightful ability!  Tea totaling barmanship at its awesomest! 

The freedom to craft new concoctions at will, what joy.  My Dr, Pepper and Cream would be just a beginning, what wonders I could create.  If one was around being taught there secret arts of soda would be my birthday wish.  What the hell is a phosphate?

I want one for my house, though i have no idea where i would put it.  Still who would argue with the man with a soda jerk in his house, no body they would just line up out my door for lime rickies and root beer floats.  Then who is the soda millionary, ME baby.

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