Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The State of Jefferson part 1

In those days we were but a vessel for selfish genes.  The divine now mundane and laughably wrong. The long con told us, rut in the material, and I dissented.  Anyone selling you the demise of freewill surly is looking looking to take it from you.  That said let me tell you freewill doesn't exist, they are always going to make you pay.

For me it was streets lingering with the feeling of home.  Creek sides that held embellished tales of youth.  The temperate sun of southward San Jose.  And friends; I could find a new movie house and track down my hobbies in a new land, but friends they were hard for us.  Even my Daughter mourned he friends lost to our northern egress.  Some family would follow but others we would seldom see.  Our jobs unsure we had wagered everything for a act of will.  No it wasn't free.

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