Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Soda fountain Odysssey: Recreating The original new york seltzer

Well i continue with this soda fountain hobby.  I found a recipe for New York Seltzer online and gave it a try last night.  The results were pretty solid but refinement is needed.

You can check out the recipe I started with on this site:

I went for the vanilla version which was always my favorite.  It turned out more difficult as I don't have measuring cups and was trying to reverse engineer a flavor I haven't had in 20 years.  But all in all it was a good attempt.  My recipe turned into Canada Dry Seltzer, Simple Syrup and Torani Vanilla flavor.  The mix was entirely by eye so I can't give you anything exact.

It's a pretty difficult combo to pull off because you are going for something pretty sweet and vanilla'y but also very crisp and light.  Too much of the syrup gets murky flavored overpowering the vanilla, but the original flavor was quit sweet so you need it there.  It may be a smaller amount of more concentrated syrup with vanilla extract is required.  Also a soda siphon may be required to get the right fizz.

I really need to get my hands on an old bottle to check out the ingredients list. I am not entirely sure Seltzer was the only ingredient it may be a bit of phosphate in there too, which would make it closer to a club soda base.  Color is another thing eluding me as its naturally colored.  Maybe I should be cooking down sugar water and fruit compote to get a better favoring agent.


Sellers Burgener said...

I really liked the root beer flavor of new York seltzer. I have tried several gourmet sodas and Hansen's Natural soda is extremely close to what the new York root beer used to be. Its light, not very syrupy and extremely flavorful.

Megan Brown said...

There is a YouTube video that shows the ingredients off an original bottle. Let me know if you would like the link. I loved this soda wish somekne would bring it back.

Original New York Seltzer said...

Original New York Seltzer is back!!!!