Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Macrocosm: Attributes part 2

After you decide what, if any, attribute subsets you would like to use you have your characters start by defining their Base attributes.  These will define how the subsets will be used.  When players are establishing the four attributes they start at 0; the level of the average human.  Players can trade up to a +2 in an attribute for a -2 in another.  Players are then given two extra points to distribute into their attributes.  Below are some restrictions.
  • You can not put more than -2 into any given attribute
  • You can not put more than +3 into a given attribute unless allowed by the specific setting.
Once your base attributes have been set you next move on the attribute subsets you will be using.  Your base attribute serves as the number of points you have to distribute into the attribute subsets.  This allows you to set a particular sub set equal to your base attribute and zero out the others should you like or set the points as you like.  This applies for both positive and negative values.  Finally characters are given a single point per attribute subset, that must be placed in that set.  It is up to the game master if this can be added to take an attribute beyond +3.  I recommend yes for fantasy, supers and tranhuman settings and no for modern or historical settings.

Example: A Character with a base Observation attribute of 3 has to distribute points between social, physical and mental subsets.  The player has resided to be a paranormal investigator that functional poorly in society.  Our Social attribute could be set to 0 but perhaps we should go with a -1 instead; Aspergers' perhaps.  Our player wants a solid skill to observe the physical and spiritual.  For Physical we place the 1 point we got for the -1 decrease to social; giving us +1.  Our final 3 points go to mental observation.  We now have to look over the physical, mental and social sets to decide if we wish to place our 1 point bonus for each subset into observation.  Probably not for social, but yes for physical and mental.  Physical is no problem as it sums to only +2 and is legal.  We would need to ask Game Master approval for the +4 in mental observation.

Adding a new attribute subset can also happen when the Game Master so chooses.  The addition of an Insanity or force subsets into a game that previously did not include such rules could be an example of this. 

The player always has the option of moving a stat from an existing subset to the new subset.  This allows the character to say this is what I was really meaning when I assigned the value before.  Perhaps you only had a mental subset and later add a magic subset.  The original subset is placed to zero, but is assumed to have a deficit that must be be paid off through experience awards.  Please note consider attribute subset bonus values when applying these numbers; they must remain in their original subset.  You are free to apply your bonus from the new subset to the value you carried over.  Again the Game Master must approve values of +4 and above.

Should the player not carry over attribute values, they can apply negative and positives values as was described when creating base attributes.  Again applying the subset bonus when they are finished.

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