Monday, February 15, 2016

Road Incantations 1

Marsh was dark and expired, with the evil things done.  White was long with slow words to bind down the ghosts to the land forever reworked.  Sierra required burning sage.  El Camino was the long spine of through the valley asking for peace in Ohlone and Pomo.  Hicks was home and the incantations stopped for the night with everything made right.

The old road to Alum Rock assaulted the traveler and told of years lost to us.  Here I gave offering for others memory and bespoke the intoned tales to continue their dreams.  Halt the car and drink down the sulfur springs.  Long ancestral calls to maintain the land amid the chaotic eons.  Then Along I would drive down Piedmont and unwork the knots left along the road.  At the end the ley lines roads converged seeping with the mana of seven eleven.

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