Thursday, February 18, 2016

Road Incantations 4

My youth was why I needed these streets.  Working and reworking the connections so memories wouldn't descend away.  Keeping the communal history so other charmed lives remain unhindered.  Continue the drizzle of melancholy for those that remain.  Once whole enough to travel the car pushed on.

East and up. Knights bridge passed then Shaffer onto Ruskin; with the long climb of Sierra til the city sprawled below. I pass couples a lower climbs all entwined.  I force up and up into solitude until I am unseen.  Then its waiting.  It's coming on an hour, then can hear the motor, it's struggling.  He pulls of a helmet and saddles off the bike.  It's gestures and somatic from here.  Covered faces and splayed thumbs, prayers and forward thought. Components of burning sage and bottled water thrown out to the wind.  An hours work the city safe once more, no falling sky ways, fire and flood pushed back a week more.

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