Monday, February 22, 2016

Road Incantations 8

Sleep wouldn't come and I don't remember the day that followed, but dark hours later were on the road.  There was some work with Ben Lommond that burned away my time.  Downward hills rushed always to San Jose and past the shadows of my youth.  Idlewild and Redwood Estates and the death of a strange kid my cousins knew.  I could only push the thoughts away and strive for distance.  The miles to put it back together or discard if it falls apart.

I pulled off and worked the back ways for Hillsdale.  Here stores remained unchained as if determined and holding fast.  Time moved on but they didn't.  Video stores and poster shops would have left long ago, anywhere but here.  Lights burned too bright for this late at night but I struggled inward.  Down the darker rows hidden away under stairs and blind closets to the esoteric realms of foreign horror and bad fantasy films. 

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