Monday, March 04, 2013

A Look at the Zombicide: Season 2 kickstarter project

Well the folks at Coolminiornot are back at it with a second season of the hugely successful kick start for Zombicide.  They are calling it Zombicide: Season 2 .    They have become pretty much the gorilla in the room with sedition wars and Zombicide going crazy on kickstarter.  This new expansion of zombicide offers a lot of extras for the price but with anything with a large amount of physical pieces it can get expensive.

This project is looking to create more than just one product it appears.  They are offering Toxic City Maul, Prison Break and Zombie dogs as part of this package.  This will set you back 150 and says you can get playing with just this.  If you are going to want the original Zombicide that will bump up the price to 220.  It looks like all the stretch goals are met so you get a bunch of extra.  I see three new heroes along with their zombie versions, a bunch of extra zombies and some special colored dice.   A hero called Brad is thrown in for every purchase too.

One thing that i don't really care for is the weird limited pricing offers they give.  The 220 package was offered at 205 to a limited set of 50 backers.  If that was a special offer as part of their previous kickstarter then i am almost ok with that.  If they just offer the fist 50 guys a cheaper price that seems sort of lame.  Like they are priming the funding pump with a lower investment price and quickly getting up to funding.  that would fine on a first time kickstarter but Zombicide has proven itself and was always going to hit its number.

Update: Looks like they continue to destroy goals and put up new ones.  Now the inmate level is giving you a ton of extras.  If you are thinking about giving the game a go round this kickstarter seems to be hitting the moon.  I would keep an eye on it may just be too good to pass up.

Update:  I did this more for me but this seems to be what you are currently getting if you do the 100 dollar pledge. Extra i mean

12 trad walkser
6 trad runners
3 trad fatty
2 trad abomination
4 toxic walkers
4 berserker walkers
2 berserker runners
2 toxic runners
1 toxic fatty
1 berserker fatty
1 toxic abomination
1 berserker abomination

dog companiones
updated cars

thaissa zombi
Kirk zombi
Aunt rose
Aunt rose zombi
Ralph zombi

orange dice
red dice
new skull tracker
TCM and PO campaign
berserker spwan cards
toxic spawn cards

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