Friday, March 01, 2013

Scifi story character in RPG form

Well some you may have seen my little Sci Fi story that has been going for a month or so.  The plan is to do a roleplaying adventure set in that word using the rule set I have hinted at over the years.  Originally I sat down and talked with players to get an idea of what they wanted to play.  After the interviews they arrived at a party that was eerily similar to the characters of my story.  I am not sure if they had been reading it or not but I have decided to shoe horn their character into the roles described within my story.

One of the elements of the tale I have been telling is a decrease in scientific knowledge so that technicians are sort of the wizards of the game.  In my story i have divided tasks between two characters giving one a very physical set of skills that is more like that of a traditional craftsman.  The other character Parc has skills similar to a scientist with a working knowledge of  cobol and familiarity with circuits.

My first stab at the game will be writing out some skills and description for these two technical characters.  The players will probably also be given a few points for other skills.

Parc's Skills

  • Power: This is everything related to getting power from and two something.  Patching into a power line and stepping it down to not fry your razor.  Reworking something from AC to DC batteries and everything else.
  • Wires:  This is understanding wires jumbled into a hyrda on the floor to rewiring buttons.  Basic understanding of a machine can come from minor examination of the wiring harness.
  • Circuit boards:  Soldering, components,  trouble shooting, repair and beard boarding.   If it needs a circuit this is the skill you need.
  • Computers:  This is going to be use, navigating a network and even programming.  I would make separate skills but a design mandate is to have skills scale up and down as needed.  Computers are a minor part of the game so only one skill is needed.  I would have several if this character were some sort of net running.
  • Engineering:  Understanding and design of machines and systems.  Properties of industrial materials including strong and weak points.
  • Physics: Understanding of the principles of forces and objects they have acted upon.  This game assumes a grand theory of everything has been solved and that the laws of physics change with relation to gravity.
  • Chemistry: Knowledge and manipulation of chemicals.  Laboratory skills and usage of tools related to industrial uses.
  • Astronomy: This is very specific to the path of the Formorian (Ship).  players have knowledge of the circuit it makes and little else.  They do understand astronomical principles and phenomena.
Klein's Skills 

  • Craftsman: Building of anything from wood to metal fabrication.  Half Norm Abrams and Half Jesse James, this is the skill for building tables, cabinets, housings and what not.  This is more art than science.
  • Motor:  Fixing and modifying any sort of gas powered motor.  Electrics are going to be more of Parc's domain knowledge.
  • Hydrological: Any machine needing fluid driven movement.  There will be may doors and hatches on the ship that need this sort of skill to open if there is no power running to them.
  • Scavenger: Finding some useful part in a pile of junk.
  • Bargaining: You are a trader and good at selling and buying for price that benefits you.
  • Chemical Resistance:  This skill comes at resisting the effects of dangerous chemicals, keeping your head while drinking and fighting off the effects of drug addiction.
  • Recovery : This skill comes into play when your character has had his ass handed to him.  This speeds getting on your feat and allows the character to overcome some life threatening wounds.
  • Charm: For Klein this is being generally likable and unassuming.  for others this may be more animal magnetism.

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