Monday, March 04, 2013

DDO: Monster Manual Farming note on Crystal Cove

Hi Folks.  I know most of you will already have a handle on this but if you are trying to finish up your Monster manual for Minotaur and Bugbear go to the crystal cove event.  I was sitting forever at 29 bugbears being pissed off that the bugbear in Redfens does not count as he initially appears on a panther.  But after a kill on the island I finally had my bugbear goal completed.  They have about four different bugbear you are not going to get else where so make sure to stop in and kill kill kill.

You don't even need to get into the actual quest chain just fight on the island.  So you will get a large number of kills just waiting for the treasure map piece to be rounded up.  It's also a good way for reaching your slayer goals for the bugbears as there are large numbers too kill spawning all the time.  The minotaurs were fewer but I got a couple. All and all worth my time.  One thing I was not sure I saw my counters going up for kills while inside the cave itself.  Sort of bugged me I could have used gregory or the wraith with the sword stabbed through.

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