Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Scifi Story characters RPGized part 3

Here is my final set of character notes for the game inspired by my sci fi story

  1. Melee: this relates to any fighting with a weapon
  2. Physical Resistance (Environments):  This more specialized version of the skill covers dealing and moving in harsh environments.  This includes movement in zero gravity.
  3. Ballistics: this relates to any time a small arm that launches a projectile is used
  4. Bargaining: You are a trader and good at selling and buying for price that benefits you.
  5. Navigation (Formorian): This characters knows the lay out of the ship and how structures are placed to maintain the life systems for the crew.
  6. Pilot (tenders): Character knows how to pilot tender vehicles located on ship.
  7. Food:  The character can scavenge food, determine food safety and prepare meals
  8. Three other skills of players choice

  1. Biology Knowledge and manipulation of biological cultures.  Laboratory skills and usage of tools related to industrial uses.
  2. Infectious Resistance:  This skill comes at resisting the effects of dangerous viruses and disease.  Also represents drug regimen.
  3. Observation (Medical): character has keen eyes for disease even when it is hidden.  He can often observer others will working on a patient.
  4. Interrogation: Character can work information free from unwilling particpants.
  5. Medical: Character can take care of wounds and aid in recovery.  knows basic application of medical patches.
  6. writing and communication:  Character is literate with ship board communications systems.
  7. Call for Back Up: Character has authority to call for back up if need is dire.  Can order in help or serialization teams
  8. House Viri Staff:  This allows for all combat attacks and sweeps made with this weapon.   If the blunderbuss is fired directly it is considered a ballistics attack

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