Friday, July 29, 2011

Deep Politics

I am by no means a reviewer, I only tend to have a desire to talk about things I love or Hate. I also tend to view things abstractly, some as a whole other times hacking off something I do not like. I like to leave the Rocky Horror Picture Show early, endings are just too hard. But I will try to talk about Grails Deep Politics record here.

Grails have often been called Post Rock but for my ear their music was something more like Pink Floyd's Ummagumma. For the most part I hear all of the Post genre like this but none so much as Grails. And none of their records have been so progressive as Deep Politics. It its a progressive rock record in my opinion. And as such I love it even more.

Grails have always had a dreamy quality that seemed to fall upon a regional music and take it up. Sometimes Middle Eastern, sometimes Russian. Deep Politics seems to have grasped on the folk music of 1970's England.

Taking the record as a dreamy whole, as with all their works it seems best this way, I am reminded of Echoes but not the one you think. But Camel's song instead. I even hear a little of zebra floating in there.

Slow or fast I have yet to grasp the records soul. It is not as heartbroken as their other works. It almost has a technological hope but not a hope, more a forward walking without fear.

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