Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sitting in the sand to watch the fireworks display

Well the nook is less than ideal for blogging I found. Getting though my password is impossible without a keyboard to feel the right keys. So no posts

We went to Vancouver WA for the 4Th of July which was great fun. They do not have the draconian fireworks laws that wee have in California. Basically you can have near commercial grade fireworks and everyone does. We were on a little ridge and could hear the fireworks going of constantly around us. Everywhere you looked there were lights in the sky as nearly everyone was doing them. You really don't need to go anywhere or pay to have a great time. But from TNT fireworks we were able to get a decent six shot mortar for four dollars. Were buying eight packs of roman candles for the same price.

We also traveled up to the Indian reservation in Chehalis to buy some of the better stuff. But really that was sort of unneeded. The mortars make bottle rockets unimpressive and firecrackers are sort of dull too. We had a great time though, we even got tired before lighting everything off.

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