Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Metal

My wife and I went to the Mayhem Music festival to see Megadeth and Testament a couple of weeks ago. Those bands were great but only had a short time on stage. There were many other bands there as well so we got to experience a few groups we would not have gotten the chance to otherwise. And Oh my god did many of them suck. Seriously one was so bad I would have been upset to see them at the Pony Express Pizza Parlor.

I was left sad and dejected, with a feeling that something was very wrong in the land of metal. And so I searched for bands that might restore my faith a little. Happily, there is hope.

Holy Grail sounds a mix of nwobhm and thrash, maybe a little like wrathchild USA or Armored Saint. They make me happy in a way that only Anthrax and Killer Dwarfs have. They are serious but something about the sound coming out of youths is a little odd. But in a delightful sort of way. I bought Crisis in Utopia and I think you should too.

OK Dawnbringer wow, just wow. I think you need to just go buy the nucleus record now, its cool Ill wait. OK, to me it sounds very progressive with a mixing of harder metal. The voice used is clean but different maybe a mix of Lemmy and King Diamond perhaps. Musically its very old school almost has a hint of Rainbow. Very much to my liking.

Ghost I am a little more hesitant about, It sounds like Mercyful Fate come again. Which in and of itself isn't every ones cup of tea. The stage show is also very King Diamond melodramatic. I think its worth a try if that is your thing.

Well I have hope again, Denim and Leather my friends.

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