Monday, July 25, 2011

They call me the working man

Coming into a new Job setting and hitting the ground running is a hell of a thing. Adding that with working remotely and I think I am giving myself an ulcer.

When I come into a new environment I like to get the lay of the land and come up to speed with documentation or at the very least chatting with people. Getting throw into the fray makes me nervous.

Reporting status has always been failing point for me. And Its the constant source of my fear. I want these folks get their time and moneys worth from me. I am desperate to deliver really, but my learning a site doesn't equate directly to bugs. well not in the short term.

Still its an opportunity I have wanted for a long time,or at least a portion. Coming in at the ground floor and starting the ground work of test cases. I wish I would be involved in building out the team, but that is not my lot.

I am thinking a daily status of what i have testing may help everyone. If I could tell them yes I am working and here is what I have looked at, maybe I won't feel so panicked. If I was on site testing at least they would know hey this guy is here working, not conning us.

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