Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ladybugs Picnic

I must lament the company picnics they had in my youth. They just don't do them like they used to and its sad. Family isn't invited and that was half the point; to see where the parents were gone to half the day. And to say to the coworkers hey these are the reason I am busting ass and the reason I don't want to work overtime every night.

Seriously I have great memories from my childhood of my Dad's company picnics. I drank my first Coke at one and it was love at first sip. I have been a soda guy since. And all those weird picnic areas in the back end of amusement parks.

Does Great America even have that picnic area anymore? I know Frontier Village closed due to some town house land grab but where would it be without cooperate picnics. Blackberry park in Cupertino doesn't seem much more than a swimming pool these days.

I loved the prizes and drawings too, they made you feel apart of something even though you were just a kid. Even if it was just Pic N Save toys hastily purchased on the way to Ed Levine county park.

Also it was always odd to see how your parents coworkers were with them. They had friends at work, they didn't seem to at home. They had jokes and stories with all these people you didn't know. It was like you saw there second family.

But now too many companies want to keep work and family very separate. I guess its cost but I think It has a higher human cost they are forgetting.

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