Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Up Helly Aa

In the US we are cheated, our history deserts us, or we it. We have too few holidays and they are oft catered to kids. Only the 4Th remains with any danger and cowards afraid for their houses have defanged the fun of it.

But all falter to grasp at the wonder or "Up Helly Aa" viking festival of fire. My God if they added metal it would be perfect. Imagine Helloween throwing down some power metal behind the burning of a long ship. I don't even know majesty like that; and I have played a lot of AD&D.

That it's not celebrated in San Jose is the cruelest joke since they closed down Frontier Village.

Perhaps it is too great to just let go. Join with me friends. Buy axes at your next Renaissance fair and low helmet horned or not. Historical Accuracy be damned. Build and burn a little ship in your bathtub. And Up Helly Aa!!!

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