Monday, December 12, 2011

Crescent Star Progressive Rock score card 10

Machines of loving grace is actuall the name of a collection of poetry but it was also used by the band.  Where is a video I really dont know the band or any of their music.

Summer Nights and my radio is something off 5150 Van Halen or Haggar depending.  My cousins cousin played this near constantly way back when so I have most of the record stuck in my head.  It's actually not nearly as good as I remember.  The choruses are solid but alot of the songs are sort of goofy.

More Metal than you is something from Brian Posehn the commedian.  I like the D&D with Dio bit, I bet he would have been a fine DM.

Tin man is by America I really don't know the record, I heard the song and sort of started thinking the piece that is written there.

Hello It's Me is by Todd Rundgren it's an ok song here check it out

Working on a chain gang is by Sam Cooke though I think i was really thinking of Devos' working in a coal mine

Bron Yr Arur is the the quiet song by Led Zepplin not the Stomp song which has a very similar name.  Its a great acoustic song really much better than a lot of the Zepplin they force feed you on the radio.

Cinema is by Yes, i know i like them too much.  I think that is from that super poppy record 90125 they had with all the hits from the 80s

Everything you want is by Vertical Horizon or someone like that.  They played that song almost too much awhile go I heard it recently and was sort of like this again.

The song remains the same. Led Zepplin i dont thing you need to say any more on it. I actually was probably thinking of the organ bit in the movie but here is the song

I should be singing but I am tired out of breath is a line from the fountain of lamneth by Rush this is off of Caress of Steel the kick ass record you should go buy.

Wait for you is by that Bonham group they had in the 80's

Back in the Village again is by Iron Maiden off of powerslave

Live Undead is the title of Slayers live record from way back when.

The swan is a murderer is Cherry Five/Goblin some hard core italian prog.  The bass player is insane

Through fire and flames every guitar hero player will know is Dragonforce they are pretty cool in that they try.  Not enough of us try.

In the garage is Weezer they are a bit hipster and lame for my tastes but at least its a song about D&D

Meddle is one of Pink floyds records but I am sure you know that.

Bullet hits the bone is by Golden earring they probably play that on your radio all the time

Who Cares wins is Anthrax

A murder of one is Counting crows on their first record

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