Friday, December 09, 2011

A tale of Carinthis part 3

From high above the sun broke through the haze of cloud and momentarily bathed the square in light.  It was not dark prior but for a few moments it seemed dazzling almost scintillating bright. As that moment faded Reglin caught the bright gleam of the sun upon an instrument of death, as it fell.

Fell from its perch held upon high lashing through the heavy throat of a stead.  It was a twice handed cleaver of steel, a treasure in and of it self, the butcher a man of the a'ron vega' to Reglin's eyes. Though shrouded Reglin could see a second skin which clung tight and masked all his features with the exception of his mouth.  There it had been scrapped away the true flesh almost that of a broken blister.  A sunless white of flesh and teeth that wordlessly mouthed rage.

The horse fell hard taking its rider with it; A squat Cazz'it dressed for the desert. In a moment the assassin was on him stabbing with a tooth dagger.  Relentless and rhythmic he stabbed again and again. Though the veil of flesh Reglin wondered if his eyes were now on him, he gulped hard and began his blood song.

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