Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A blurb on Gaming for my project game

Every game in the world does that "What is Gaming" section and its a waste of space.  Either you know, as you just bought the damn book or you are going to be shit confused.  So really the person I need to talk to is unsuspecting person who buys this as a gift or something and the odd few who pick this up all wide eyed and innocent.

Hello my friend, thank you for considering the purchase of this book.  It is what is known as a Role playing game.  While I highly encourage your purchase of this product, I must first offer a warning.  This is not a mere book but a gateway drug to a path not easily walked.  Many great things you will find but it is not without its price.  There is a great social stigma associated with our hobby it is not for all.  The best of us are infinitely sure of ourselves others have little to lose.

OK kidding aside role playing is primarily a bunch of goofy white guys sitting around a table.  There are occasionally some Asian players too but yeah its usually a crackerfest.  If you were to listen you will find there is often more joking around anything else. The game being played often has them talking in funny voices or overtly worrying about the placement of little figurines on a map.  They will be rolling dice sometimes to determine a random element of the game but mostly just fucking off with them. 

If one of these role play games breaks out in your house here are some things to expect.  They are loud!  You will hear lots of shouts and cheers along with cried of Fuck and Shit!  There will be a lot of laughing and such.  There will probably be food, perhaps booze, there will certainly be a smell of some sort.  Expect a clogged toilet from time to time.  Also expect to clear the mess yourself, if you host expect to clean up too.  More often than not you will just want the motherfuckers to leave at the end of the night rather than stay and help.  These things are long too maybe four to six hours of play.  Also expect it to happen again and again.  They things usually are weekly or every other week and can go on for years.  That is where wives and parents usually get pissed, when you have an ongoing commitment to screw around every week.

It's not all lame and gloom though.  Role playing is great for someone who is shy or even high functioning on the autism spectrum.  You are interacting in a safe environment with the same people over and over again.  You are able to be yourself, or even someone else, without judgement.  Our wired in world seems to remove value from face to face interaction.  This is the entire point of the role playing game.  This is not a text message or an online game but an interpersonal game.  Often you make some of the best friends of your life playing games like this. 

These games involve a degree of math skills and problem solving.  These games are often highly mathematical to model real world situations.  I know several instances of geometry being used directly in games.  You are often give situations were a clever idea or trick is called upon.  A great deal of lateral thinking is involved in these games.  There are artistic elements be it painting miniature figurines or drawing a map.

Really I recommend you go to YouTube and search for Freaks and Geeks or Community.  Both of these shows have featured gaming sessions in episodes that while poking fun also seem to get the idea across.  James Franco's, Carlos the dwarf perhaps best shows a new player entering the world of gaming.  Please give it a look if you want to come back we will be here.

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