Tuesday, January 03, 2012

On the Dark Side

Well I starting playing that Star Wars the old Republic over Christmas.  Despite it being everything I feared it is actually pretty fun.   It is Warcraft, people who say it is not are liars.  If someone said it was a licensed engine I would not be surprised.  My character even seems to jump the same way my Dwarf did in Warcraft.

It has the same click to use cooling off abilities that make up combat.  Everything is select a target and go.  It is basically everything that Dungeons and Dragons is not.  But me as a solid DDO player actually can enjoy that a bit.  The exploration and quick nature of quests is pretty fun.  I can kill my Rakghoul quote and be done with just a few minutes of play.  I don't have to invest in a group and then feel bad for leaving them.  Also I don't have to hear or talk to anyone.

The quests are really the thing that I enjoy though.  The cut scene narration really puts you in the story.  Also the Class quest storyline for my Jedi Sage has been top notch.  I want to do quests just for the story progression.  I like that I can make the light and dark side choices and how that I get reprimanded for being an evil dick later on.  Really these are what make the game fun for me.

I also like the space bit, that is sort of fun.  I haven't done any flying around stuff with my ship but I will be soon.  I like that I have the ship and its mine all mine.  I don't have the guild worry and can do whatever stupid stuff I like.  I wish I could type a name for it thought. 

If you are on the fence I say give it a try its a really good game.  I am sure Star Wars and Wow people will like it.  I am more of a D&D guy but I am still having fun saving Yuon Parr.

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