Thursday, January 12, 2012

N6 Against the Cult of Dain part 7

Some more from my detective story. I am not sure where it is headed but it is drawing from the detective novels The Dain Curse by Dashel Hammett and something by F Scott Fitzgerald.  Unlike many of my works this is not a kids story as I am trying to have the character spec naturally.  They have direct real world influences and I am specifically choosing language these individuals would use.

The loud words sent us to the parking lot. Tony was getting Rhino's location out of Matt when Sorc arrived. I guess Hull emailed and Sorc had a phone from his gig doing graveyard tech support. His micronized ford truck pulled up next to us. He stood in the door well hands on the roof keeping the car well between us baring the weight of hard news.

"You won't believe it, Woods!" That's me, long stupid story about that one, but it was better than people calling me Chunk. "It's not Mount Madonna its Holy City and they have Kerath with them." That got me cursing, what the fuck was Keith doing in this. Kerath was my fault a friend of my cousin that started tagging around with my other friends. He wasn't a bad guy he really just wanted to belong, but tried far far too hard. He decided he was going to like metal even when he didn't because he thought he could fit in with the crowd. He even made up that name Kerath. I called him Keith or Kraz, cutting Kraznoselski down with little dignity.

Holy City made some sense with Kraz involved, he grew up in those hills and knew them. I could get Hull up there but wasn't much of a guide.

"Latham says they are going to sacrifice Kerath!" Sorci finally blurted. "Oh the hell they are! Who is They anyway." I surprised myself to be saying. But Latham was a liar and Kraz would like it too much. My cousins and I used to play Dungeons and Dragons with Keith, it was his wet dream to be sacrificed to Lloth demon queen of spiders.

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