Thursday, January 19, 2012

RPG thoughts on equipment

The equipment in my little RPG is going to be different that in most.  The material and quality of things is going to be of perhaps more import that the magical qualities of an item.  A item that doesn't break may be of higher value than something at is flaming if you only get a single hit and then that item snaps in two.

Also with several items being living beings unto themselves they may need to be cared for specifically.  I think something like a handle animal skill may be more central to my setting than other fantasy game.

The idea is that certain critters are designed just to die and produce a useful skeleton in some cases.  This comes a bit from the frog gun in the movie existenze.

Also there will be actual living tools that may be symbiotic with the Characters or may be independent autonomous entities. You can see some of the symbiotic type stuff in games like Rifts or Dark Space.  The autonomous tech would be like some of the creatures in West of Eden.  The Star Wars novels have something like this as well.

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