Tuesday, January 10, 2012

N6 Against the Cult of the Dain part 5

Latham's name was said in disgust in most circles.  All too common was "Fucking Latham" or the reviled "You slept with Latham?"  An acquaintance had even dislocated Latham's arm at a party only to relocate the same night.  Sorci was one of the few who didn't want to kill him on sight. 

Hull was counting on Sorc getting some answers out of him, this was wise Tony or I would have just kicked his teeth in.  Sorc was hesitant to get involved but owed Tony.  He blew off my offer to drive, well knowing I would make a mess of things. "Go with Hull, he won't know the roads."  Truth be told Tony knew Mount Madonna better than I but I understood.

Our paths left the game still running our lives slowly beat to death by the nameless villains of Captain Commando.  Tony and I climbed into the motor home behind Hull crunching down a couple of old insulin needles on the floor and clearing trash from the seats.  Shadows bled away as we left the back alleys turned toward the suburbs.

I remember asking for something quiet and acoustic from the radio, to fit my mood.  The best Hull could do was some Dio though it was only near as solemn as me.  Another day a trip to the kings temple would be grand but something was off today. 

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