Thursday, January 19, 2012

Detective Short Story inspired by The Dain Curse part 12

Matt lived with grandparents but over the years the house became more his than theirs.  Hull and I found him and Maris on the couch she was balled up with her legs tucked under her body.  She looked bad like she had been crying for days. Matt was trying to be there for her, but this wasn't something she would get over, just less with time.

I mulled around the kitchen making small talk with Matt's grandparents during much of this. I overheard some of it and Hull filled in the rest. Hull was direct "Maris where is Rhino, Kimber's with him it could have been her, it could have been worse." Marisol started bawling with the word worse.  Matt was pissed at the results of Hulls words but comforted her instead of kicking us out.  That was good. "Where does he deal?" "No where, I mean he gets calls usually to meet at a park or something." Marisol replied timid. "Where does he get his stuff?"

Her answer was a house downtown, one of the dying Victorians they rented out to college kids.  We would find it was out between japantown and the park.  We had only description no address.  It was a big wild painted house full of dead heads.

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