Wednesday, January 11, 2012

N6 Against the cult of Dain part 6

Our path eventually found us at the library. While wireless access was ever present few of us actually to make use of it.  My companions priced out of the market and I was either at home or with the few people whom may have called. Hull and Tony sipped computer access fifteen minutes a shot here, fighting the elderly and unemployed for a turn.  I volunteered my house but Hull complained about the trip cutting into his gas money profits.

I was soon to find the trip more about weed that second rate computers.  I am naive, in my mind drug dealers live in back alleys and other dark places.  They don't read the Economist or wear an ascot and they don't sit politely chatting with elderly ladies at the library.  But Matt was the embodiment of this quaint picture.  Everyone Hull knew seemed to be named Matt so forgive me if I forget his last name.  There was a fat Matt, a tall Matt, one who cheated at Dungeons and Dragons, a mechanic Matt and several more.

This Matt always made me nervous.  Something in my disposition was jumpy around the illegal even or especially when it was wrapped up gentile and exquisitely dress. 

Purchases made Tony began "So you see Maris lately?" Clearly a soar subject Matt winced at the mention of the name.  She was a Filipino girl he had been tied up with for years.  It was wildly off and on but mostly off these days. "No she is with Rhino now!" was Matt's sullen reply.  "She still see Kimber?" "Probably yeah but I don't know Rhino doesn't want me around, I don't really want to be around anyway!"

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