Friday, January 13, 2012

Sample Rules part 10 the Green People

Reaching back to do more of the race mechanics for my roleplaying game, here is the Green Race.  Reglin of A tale of Carinthis is of this race.  In some respect they are my elves, but I have always hated elves so I wanted to whack them a few times with the ugly stick.

The green race is one of singers, their language is song.  Even the lowest of them is an adept singer of magic.  Physically they smaller than human averaging around five feet and are very lightly built.  They are dexterous and light.  Their hair rarely grows long rather reaching an average length and maintain that mean.  The coloring mostly grey black and brown and white.  Orange is uncommon as is blond.

The green people have warred with mongrel race of dog men forever.  They are prey and prey upon in turn.  Stalking the forests their clothing is usually of some tan or green coloration.  A lose poncho of heavy leaves is a common element of their dress.  A constant element is the use of a veil or mask which is always worn.  A green would much sooner disfigure himself than reveal his mouth.  Those who have seen a fallen green unmasked are hunted furiously.

Their culture is one that seeks rebirth and sees life as a cycle of evolutions.  The move through lives working up a latter of incarnations.  Humans are not always the highest some animals are far higher than human who hold certain jobs.  One is not set in their lot though, great deeds may move one up several rungs.

The culture allows themselves twenty five years before they seek a new incarnation.  This is the second of the sacred laws.  A grand fire is set on the four days of the sun each year.  Those who have not reached the rung of the druid leaders are burned in this fire.  Those that have are allowed to enter the necropolis and seek a higher form.

This comes from some article i read in a GURPs magazine.  I don't even remember what you call that one. Singing elven race what what I got from it.  The rest is quasi Egyptian metempsychosis and Logan's Run.  Also I hate elves so making them suicidal and short lived takes the lame out of them.

If put into Pathfinder terms they would look something like this.

Racial Traits

    +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, –2 strength:

    Access to green blood magic songs ( more to come)

    Cultural skills: Green have a +2 racial bonus to stealth and spot.

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