Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sample Rules part 12 attributes

I dint think i have dug into stats yet.  Stats are going to range from one to seven and basically function as skills.  The difference you will never have automatic successes associated with stats.  If you had some superhuman character or critter the stats would actually go beyond seven to nine or fifteen and upwards.

basically stat rolls will be skill rolls, if I was doing saving throws I may even have them just be a skill that adds to the basic stat.  These skills would then allow for automatic successes as normal.

My primary reason for the skills is going to be unskilled checks and then skill cost.  I was thinking of having starting skills max out at their controlling stat value but that is seriously lame.  I personally have no coordination but I can ride a bike pretty well.  It just doesn't feel right now limit characters like that.  It does seem right to allow them to purchase skills cheaper depending on their natural talents.  I think I got a bit into this with the experience explanation.

As to specifics on attributes i am not sure which way i am going.  I am doing a basically fantasy game so I don't feel a need to separate dexterity and some hand eye coordination stat.  Education seems more of a modern game skill also I think I am taking care of it with my skill attribute purchase system.  I know I will be doing magic so I need stats to cover that.  I know many of the spell casters in the game are going to be mystical in nature, I am not sure what sort of stats I should used.  I feel much of it would bargaining with spirits so I think i need a presence/persuasion stat. 

I think I may be wacky and split the traditional Wisdom stat in two for intuition and sensory.  I want a stat that deals with mental fortitude to bullshit.  I want it to be separate from intelligence and even Charisma.  Perhaps its best just a saving throw like skill though.  

One thought is a mental physical pair like most games do.  Something like power, manipulation, resistance and perception. 



The problem I keep coming back to here is the Ego seeming more like a skill of Charisma.  Also that split of wisdom could be removed if I am trying to go for clarity.

There is the option just to pull it out this sort of is drawn from the  Myers Briggs chart.  I am using a high charisma for the introversion vs extroversion.  High intelligence for thinking vs feeling as basically feeling isn't something you can give a stat that will be how the character is played.  Intuition verse Sensory information gathering I included both as stats.


It looks a lot like AD&D to me but maybe play testing will be needed.

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