Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sample game rules part 8 ramblings on experience

I have sort of talked a bit about experience but the more I consider what I have said it seems like I am getting at a level based system.  I don't really think I have ever decide that it actually was a level based game.  I actually think I started specifically not wanting a leveling system. 

That said I have two thoughts that are pulling me back around.  Those are the thought that no matter how granular i get it I am going to have a break down where players have not enough reward to improve or the will.  I don't want it to be all rewards come with level but there will be some times where they get less reward than they need to improve, its just a fact.  The second though is I am inclined to have some sort of role arch type if only for role playing purposes.

To expand that last thing, I have played in Gurps and the GM clearly said "While GuRPs doesn't have classes it kind of does have classes."  What he meant was you have an idea behind what your doing even though you haven't a class.  With complete freedom there still is an idea you are working from.  I want players to be able to argue , without rules and dice, "I am totally a rogue guy!" or "I'm a viking I should be able to do that!"  And just have the concept keywords sway my decision as the GM.  What I don't want is the players pulling these statements out of their ass.

I think my reward scheme would be something like you are grated some number of reward/experience/whatever points for completing a goal.  Those goals may be either personal, adventure or community.  Personal are things you worked out at character creation and have a major and minor.  Adventure are things the GM would have written into an adventure.  The Community goals are going to be things the player turn into goal by each handing over seven points of stones, Aligned stones count for two and the other count as one. This could be anything that has been annoyingly thwarting the players.  Getting into a location or dealing with some baddy who often gets away.

The reward points will be spent for increasing skills and buying some extras, like spells or combat maneuvers.  Skill can be purchased at a rate of 1 point per X+1 reward points, where X is the number of successes currently.  So 0s1-7 cost one for one. 1s1-7 cost 2 for one.

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