Monday, January 09, 2012

N6 Against the Cult of the Dain part 4

"Do they still have cults?  I mean now that the Satan Worshiping Albino's are gone you don't hear about cults."  Tony looked on low browed with a mouth drawn hard at a single cheek. "Don't be stupid, Man! This is serious she went and a car load of people went up to Mount Madonna a week ago.  The only one back is that jackass Latham.  I'm gonna kick his ass, when I find him!"

Hull thought a moment "your making me dinner after I find him, and a full tank."  Tony quickly agreed and the two climbed back into the cab.  Moments later the motor sputtered to life and shuttered toward the south end of town. 

This is where I come in. Hull parked in the inglorious back alley behind a failing strip mall.  Wandering in the back door of a long forgot arcade he past a biker playing pool and down the lone line of machines.  Half were broken but still flashed static and pixels and called longingly in attract mode.

Two figures haunted one of the machines in the deep dark of the establishment.  The one with long thin golden locks was Sorci.  The tallest of a large Italian family he stood the height of a normal man but towered over most of his kin.  The mountain of fat and curses next to him was me. I'm sure I was wearing denim and a Rush shirt I nearly always am.  Hull was looking for Sorc.

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