Monday, January 16, 2012

Sample Rules part 11 flying mounts

Going off of the Arzach / heavy metal bit I am thinking of having some personal flying mounts. I really don't want to have Air ships and what not thought.  Those are becoming a fantasy staple and I want to be different.  Another thing I don't like with air ships is they become flying bases of operation stocked with all the mundane tools a party can ever need.  I need my folks to look for a thirty two and a half foot pole.

Instead I am going with mounts and a few areal cities.  Carinthis was always intend to be a city of interconnecting towers and high bridges arching over the city.  I am not sure if I want giant birds messing that up.  Going with the stone bird aspect of Arzack may help me out here, having them too heavy for the many towers of carinthis. 

I have imagined cities in a monument valley type desert that are high up on the stone or perhaps random giant arches of an old society as in arzack.  I don't want blimps and balloons replacing air ships but I would be cool with them holding up cities in the sky.  I have thought that would be nice as it almost would create a second tear of games as these places could not be accessed normally.  I think World of Warcraft has a few spots that need flying mounts to reach just like this.

Perhaps with the rampant biotech people could become transhuman and fly on their own. I am not fond of this idea but its something that could work its way into my game.  I want things to be mount heavy but if it excites the players maybe it could work. 

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